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(1) Air Shafts
(2) Air Chucks
(3) Differential Shafts
(4) Develop Shafts
(5) Flange type Pillow Block type Safety Chuks
(6) Circle Type Safety Chucks
(7) Magnetic Powder, Air, and Disk Brakes
(8) Hydraulic Web Guide Control Systems
(9) Auto. Tension Control Systems
(10) CCD Camera
(11) Auto. Color Register Control Systems
(12) Print Quality Inspection System
(13) Electro-Pneumatic Converters Bellofram Cylinder
(14) Electric Web Guide Control Systems

(12) Print Quality Inspection System
Print Quality Inspection System

¡EInspection Lighting Equipment
Inspection Lighting for Continuous Webs

Cricket-Economical Choice
Illumination Area: up to 80mm x 160mm
The Unilux Cricket combines quality with value as it creates extremely sharp
visual images for surface inspection. It is small, rugged, lightweight and
efficient to use.

Mounting Options
Portable: AC Kit (Handle& Mounting Plate)
Portable: Battery Kit (Handle, Charger & Battery)
Spare Lamp
Fixed: 45" Articulating Arm

LOL 5-The Rugged Portable
Illumination Area: up to 180mm x 250mm
Rugged and powerful our most popular unit for the label industry. Can be fixed
to machinery or portable with optional battery kit.
LOL-5-RC-60 100f/s
Also available with digital flash rate display:
LOL-5-DC-60 100f/s

Mounting Options
Portable: Battery Kit (Handle, Charger & Battery)
Spare Lamp
Fixed: 45"Articulating Arm

LOL 10- The Re-Winder's Choice
LOL-10 Illumination Area: up to 300mm x 450mm
LOL-20 Illumination Area: up to 300mm x 650mm
LOL-40 Illumination Area: up to 300mm x 1250mm

Fixed units for inspection of wider webs.
LOL-10-9600 100f/s
LOL-20-S6000 100f/s
LOL-40-S6000 100f/s

Miti Lite- Battery Powered Inspection Light
Illumination Area: up to 800 mm x 800 mm
¡EDesigned for wet environments.
¡EDigital display measures either flash/second or flash/minute.
¡EThree intensity settings & flash range of 0.5 f/s and 300 f/s.
¡EIncludes battery charger and two rechargeable batteries.

Miti-Lite VC
¡EWill sync with still and/or video cameras
¡EBrightest battery powered strobe light on the market

Handheld or Fixed Inspection Lights
Handheld or Fixed Inspection Lights



Cricket-Battery Powered Inspection Light


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